Tips For Bringing Home A New Cat

It can be an exciting adventure to bring home a cute, new cat. Whether it is your first time adopting or you have adopted many in your lifetime, it is always a neat experience. However, your new cat is going to entirely rely on you to make the transition from the shelter or his cat mom to the new home an easy one. Keeping your new pet safe and happy will take some advanced planning on your part. There are many things a new pet owner can do beforehand in order to make it a better experience for all involved. Below are some great tips for making the arrival of your new pet a good one.

Sleeping Area

If you are bringing home a new cat, especially a kitten, they will need a place to sleep and feel secure. Once a kitten is taken from its mom and siblings, it needs to feel secure and warm. You can provide something as simple as a nice cardboard box with a blanket in it or a fancy cat bed from a local pet supply store. Make sure that your new cat’s bed is in a quiet area of your home away from daily household traffic.

Food And Supplies

In order to make the transition easier, it is important to have all the supplies you will need before you bring your new cat home for the first time. This can include food as well. If you don’t know where to shop in your local area, there are many great places to buy cat products online from reputable retailers such as from

Getting Acclimated

Even though everyone will want to meet and hold a new cat or kitten, it is important to work the cat up to it over the first couple of days to let them have time to adjust. Have the cat’s bed and litter box set up and ready for them to explore. Also, make sure they know exactly where their litter box is and ensure it is in a quiet place away from their litter box. It is essential to make sure small children learn how to handle small kittens. There are many shelters that won’t even let families with small kids adopt kittens because children can be too rough and cause harm.


Cats, especially kittens, have to be kept safe. This is especially true in a new environment. There are many things in every household that can hurt your new pet. Things like blind cords or anything that is hanging can cause cats to get tangled in and get strangled. Cats are also notorious for chewing on things such as electrical cords. It is best to keep them out of contact with your cat or buy a cord manager to keep them fastened and out of the cat’s reach. Other things to keep out of reach from your new cat or kitten can include jewelry, balloons, rubber bands, strings and other small items that they can easily chew and swallow.

Having a new cat added to the family is a big decision to make. It is essential to prepare in advance for their arrival for their safety and comfort. In no time at all they will be comfortable and feel like a part of the family for years to come.

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